Why Saint Edward's?


沙巴体育app365 has changed the trajectory of both of my children’s education in a way that I never could have imagined.

欢迎来到沙巴体育app365这个特殊的社区. 沙巴体育网站很自豪能在佛罗里达的宝藏海岸拥有最好的教育.

沙巴体育网站提供严格的学术课程,100%的大学录取, 沙巴体育网站的大多数学生都被第一志愿或第二志愿学校录取了. More importantly, our students, faculty and parents consistently tell us how much how they love and value the sense of community here. They are impressed with the amount of time and attention that is showered on them by faculty; they feel safe and respected.

沙巴体育网站的高素质教师是由杰出的人组成的, 他们中的大多数人都有高等学位, and they have the advantage of being able to spend a lot of time with their students – not only in class, 但是课前和课后, after school, and on the playing field as coaches and as mentors for a wide array of clubs and student activities. They teach here because it is very different from other schools and they can have a great impact on our students. 沙巴体育网站的教师激励学生做好, 他们鼓励他们成功,结果, students flourish.

在接下来的几周里,你会对沙巴体育网站有更多的了解, 我想鼓励你们来找我,和这里的许多人交谈. 我希望你们能看到,沙巴体育网站都有一个共同点, 那就是学生和他们的家庭是沙巴体育网站所做的一切的焦点. Your future matters and we are here to help your child become the person they strive to be.


Warm Regards,
Mara Slattery

    • Unparalled Faculty

Unparalleled Faculty

  • 超过60%的人拥有高等学位
  • 平均17年以上教学经验
  • 每个教师都参加继续教育
  • 超过90%是国家地理认证和/或谷歌认证

Academic Focus

  • SAT and AP 一直远高于佛罗里达州和全国平均水平.
  • STEAM program, Spanish instruction, 以及一个完整的艺术项目,伴随着从学前班开始的强大的课程核心项目.
  • Global, Environmental and 21st Century Skills are interwoven into a thoughtfully created curriculum including coding, 与全球各地的教室合作, 基于项目的学习, 解决现实问题, 和哈克尼斯表技能. 
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  • 仁慈和正直的首要政策
  • 健康小组-注册护士, 两位致力于情感和社会福祉的咨询师, 专职运动教练, chaplain, 学校资源主任, 学习支持服务办公室等等
  • Advocacy, Chapel and Assembly programs, which give students time to gather and share as a community


  • 大学咨询从八年级开始
  • 100%被四年制大学录取
  • 超过90%的毕业生被第一或第二选择的学院或大学录取
    • 密歇根大学